The organization provides educational services by working with other nonschools and families. In partnership with schools, parents and educators, HADEF provides the following services:

-Support establishing model schools in the Horn of Africa region to expand access to education for all children
-Provide educational materials and equipment including curriculum materials and classroom technology
-Collect educational statistical data regarding the status of education in the region that is useful for both governmental and non-governmental institutions to improve access to education for all children


-Provide health education
-Partner with health institutions and agencies to provide access to health services
-Organize workshops to educate parents about certain health diseases and risks such as obesity, cancer, etc
-Provide translation and interpretation of health documents and literature

Social Programs

-Reduce poverty by providing food participation where there is a great need for assistance in providing meals.
-Community engagement & outreach
-Provide access to housing and welfare
-Assist unemployed with access to employment opportunities
-Provide welfare to work training
-Coordinate workforce training and education programs

Youth Empowerment

HADEF provides Youth empowerment programs which aim to curb the rate of poverty to a large level. One of the keys to empowering the youth is with skill development. When a youth is equipped with essential skills, he or she can utilize them to feed, assist others, and even invest for future use, aiding the nation economically.

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