Educational Services

The organization provides educational services by working with schools and families. In partnership with schools, parents and educators, Hadef provides the following services:

After school tutoring and enrichment programs

  • Homework help
  • English language skills developmentSocial skills and other enrichment programs to reduce school dropout, motivate students and ┬áincrease school attendance

Health Education

  • Provide health education
  • Partner with health institutions and agencies to provide access to health services
  • Organize workshops to educate parents about certain health diseases and risks such as obesity, cancer, etc
  • provide translation and interpretation of health documents and literature

Social Services

  • Provide access to housing and welfare services
  • Assist unemployed with access to employment opportunities
  • Provide welfare to work training
  • Provide information services for new immigrants looking for social services
  • Coordinate workforce training and education programs

International Programs and Services


  • Provide educational materials and supplies
  • Provide medical aid and supplies
  • Reduce poverty by providing food
  • Provide clean drinking water
  • Educate people on sanitation and its impact on the society
  • Campaign for health care awareness such as HIV/Aids, Malaria, T.B. etc.



Next Steps...

If you want to help support families in need in the Horn of Africa please contact us!